Escondido, CA

High school district adds six electric buses

District leaders, board members, and bus drivers celebrate six new electric buses for the Escondido Union High School District.

Six new electric buses will join Escondido Union High School District’s (EUHSD) fleet this school year.
The buses will replace diesel-powered buses currently in service and will be used to transport students to and from school, as well as for school field trips, and other student transportation needs. The new buses represent 30% of the school bus fleet and are the first electric buses for the district.
“Introducing these new buses is just one step toward making at least 60 percent of our school bus fleet energy efficient, which the state has mandated we do by 2040,” said Director of Transportation Linda Rendon. “We are excited to be ahead of that schedule and are already looking at ways to fund additional electric buses for our district.”
According to the American School Bus Council, electric buses:
• Reduce emissions by up to 100%
• Save up to 60% in fuel costs compared to diesel
• Reduce maintenance costs by 50%
• Reduce noise pollution
The new electric buses travel up to 160 miles on one charge. Construction on a new charging station for the district will break ground in October. In the interim, the buses are using temporary chargers.
Two of the buses were funded by the California Energy Commission’s School Bus Replacement Program, which is helping schools throughout the state transition from old, polluting diesel school buses to zero- or low-emissions vehicles, improving children’s health by limiting their exposure to transportation- related air pollution and building the green economy. The remaining four buses were funded through a San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District grant.

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