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High school district addresses “insensitive photo” in SPHS yearbook


The Escondido High School District this week sent out a statement addressing a page in the San Pasqual High School yearbook that contained a photo that portrayed the World Language Faculty in Mexican sombreros and moustaches.

The statement follows in full below:


The 2019 yearbook for San Pasqual High School, “The Golden Legend,” was released yesterday (5/20/19) to senior students. It has come to our attention it contained photos from the World Language Department that are culturally insensitive and in poor judgement. The photos are a collection of pictures taken at the beginning of the year for use as teacher ID photos. 

Administrators have discussed the issue with SPHS staff. Principal Martin Casas and his administrative team are taking precautions to ensure a similar situation does not occur in the future. 

According to Principal Casas, “San Pasqual High School takes pride in its rich history and diversity. It is our intent to use this situation as a tool to remind students, as well as staff, to remember the impacts of their words and actions. We are committed to continuing our efforts to ensure all students, families and staff feel welcome and valued.”

“United…we are San Pasqual.”

12 responses to “High school district addresses “insensitive photo” in SPHS yearbook”

  1. Victor says:

    – From a mexican

  2. Gus Scholtz says:

    The sombrero is actually a Chinese creature. Borrowed by the Spanish in the 13th century. Then introduced to the Philippines and later Mexico. Find something bigger to get offended by.

  3. Eugene Torrez says:

    SPHS teachers did nothing wrong. They dressed according to what a typical stereo type that even a 5 yr. old would identify as a Mexican. Yes this is coming from a Mexican. If you Google “Mexican costumes” most images have a sombrero a giant mustache and a bottle of alcohol. Bottle should have been in the picture God knows teachers probably need it to put up with all those students they put up with.

  4. Anna Alvarado says:

    How in the world would the school board/district let this happen. Talk about kids being bullied, there own teachers are bullying them. I feel for the children of our younger generations that have to deal with so called teachers like the ones above. Those teachers need to reprimanded. I am pretty sure they don’t treat the young adults with respect.They don’t tolerate students, so why tolerate teachers. i feel for our youth of today. Schools are a disappointment. Parents need to start home-schooling and shut these schools down. Throw away the childish teachers. The need to grow up and start teaching instead of making fun of people.

  5. David Hammond says:

    Who was hurt?

  6. Denny says:

    Myou goodness. Let’s stop being so sensitive and smile occasionally, OK?

  7. Jackson dogg says:

    Get over it

  8. Alan tanner says:

    Get a grip. Another administrator caving to political correctness. The whole controversy is stupid.

  9. Carol Hillidge says:

    I wonder where the yearbook advisor was when these pictures were submitted? Where was the Principal? No-one proofed the yearbook before they were printed? Seems to me these two should have had to sign off on these pictures yet neither are taking blame for them authorizing/signing off on the yearbooks to be printed. If this would have been any of the kids submitting these pictures they would have been told “NOPE, SORRY, YOU MUST RE-SUBMIT A DIFFERENT PICTURE. There are guidelines to follow, these are unacceptable. If you don’t re-submit then your photo will not be included in the yearbook. Period! This is JMO

  10. Julie Flynn says:

    This is all so silly to me. I’m a while girl. I’m not offended when we’re portrayed wearing Uggs over our leggings, mindlessly glued to our iPhones and obsessing over Vente cups of Pumpkin Spiced lattes. We’re all not all like that and not all Mexicans have mustaches and wear sombreros.

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