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Hey Dems and GOP: Butt out!

I have some advice for the Republican Party and the Democratic Party, please butt out of the Board of Supervisors races and the slew of other local elections that are supposed to be non-partisan.
I know the process where candidates for non-partisan offices go hat in hand to beseech the endorsement of the county central committees, and it’s a rather low-down transaction that in my opinion demeans and doesn’t really do what it’s supposed to do, which is to inform the voters.
It didn’t used to be this way. In fact, it’s only in the last election cycle or so that I remember the parties dipping their oars into elections that really have nothing whatsoever to do with national politics. I’m sorry, but it’s totally irrelevant whether a candidate for Board of Supervisors is Pro-Life or Pro-Choice, whether a candidate likes or loathes Trump.
The parties also endorse candidates for local water and school districts, city elections, and judges. All that this process proves is that the candidates who get the endorsements are better connected politically than the candidates who don’t get endorsed.
It’s pretty apparent that the central committees don’t actually do any research to determine if the candidates, say, know anything about the schools or water districts they are interested in running—or if the people who are incumbents are doing a good job. It might be that the GOP Central Committee or its Democratic equivalent is passing on candidates who are better Republicans or Democrats philosophically than the people they endorse.
When it comes to the Board of Supervisors it really only matters what the Supervisors think about land use issues or whether they want to have a large or small reserve and whether they think a Triple AAA bond rating is good, or whether spending the money on the homeless is better. Or any number of issues that are local.
Political parties be damned when it comes to local government is what I say. Voters will make better choices for their districts if they simply disregard the recommendations of the political parties when it comes to placing an X next to a candidate’s name in elections that are not by their nature partisan.

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