Escondido, CA

Thief robs free library of children’s books

A Little Free Library helping Felicita students improve reading was robbed  Saturday night, and all 50 children’s books were taken. The free library is located at the child care center at Tulip & 10th Avenue. Patricia Kellenbarger, who runs the free library told The Times-Advocate that she hoped the security camera will help Escondido police track down the miscreants. If anyone knows the books’ whereabouts, or wants to return them, or help Kellenbarger replace them can contact her at

3 responses to “Thief robs free library of children’s books”

  1. Mary says:

    Curious why you refer to the thief as “Heroic”?

  2. IggyG says:

    It says on the front the books are free. Is that really robbing? It seems unlikely someone took them to make money off them since they are used books, though I suppose that’s possible. If they took them to enjoy them isn’t that the point? The little free libraries in my neighborhood are overflowing at some times and empty at others. I certainly hope more books are donated so it can keep going, but if you offer something up as free and then someone takes you at your word and takes them, that isn’t really theft.

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