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Helicopter announcement transcription now available

In partnership with the San Diego Sheriff Department, the Escondido Police Department is now offering transcription of the sheriff helicopter public address system (PA) announcements.
Now, if you are unable to hear the entire PA message, you can find out by calling or texting the San Diego Sheriff Department’s Auto Helo System. Simply call or text “Hello” to 858-866-4356 to receive the message.
If you call the number, you will hear a recording. If you text “Hello” to the number you will receive a transcribed text of the message immediately. Save the number to your contacts for easy access any time you hear PA announcements in your area.
The system will not explain why the helicopter is in the area, it will only transcribe a message if PA announcements are currently being made. You can also obtain the information to access Auto Helo by visiting the City of Escondido’s website at or the Escondido Police Department’s website
While this program is free, you might have to pay to receive text messages depending on your phone plan. The department also noted that the phone line is not for reporting a crime or emergency. For emergencies, call 9-1-1. For non-emergencies, call 760-839-4722.

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