Escondido, CA

Hawthorne Country Store Celebrates Flocktober Oct. 13

Escondido is flocking with excitement over Hawthorne Country Store’s annual Flocktober celebration, taking place the whole month of October. On Saturday, October 13, the country store will host a Fall Family Flock Festival from 10 a.m. to noon, where kids ages 5-12 years old will learn all about chickens.

Most often when families commit to backyard chickens, whether in an urban setting or out on the farm, kids end up doing a lot of the work. Chickens are a great first pet or backyard chore, but kids also need to know how to care for the birds. This kid friendly event will include crafts, snack decorating and lots of chicken education.

“More and more families are finding that chickens are pets that come with great benefits, such as producing protein, creating fertilizer, and recycling waste,” says Heather Thelen, owner of Hawthorne Country Store. “And, they are great pets for kids to manage.”

The family-owned and -operated Hawthorne Country Store at 675 W. Grand Ave., Escondido.

Families are asked to RSVP in-store, by calling 760-746-7816, via the Facebook event page. It’s $5 per child.

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