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Guinness Apricot Barbecue Porkchops



This weeks On The Menu is Apricot Barbecue Porkchops. It is almost that time again where we fire up the grills, have a few laughs and enjoy each others company outside during the warm spring/summer nights.

This is an easy crowd friendly recipe to kick off the amazing weather, that California has to offer. This easy fresh tasting recipe is a “go to” for those savory sweet nights with family or friends. Enjoy and embrace the gorgeous weather, fruits and vegetables from our local farmers markets in Valley Center



and Escondido. Simple, delicious meal that is loved by adults and kids!

Four pork chops

3/4 cup of apricot jam

2 Tbl balsamic reduction sauce ( I use Rachel Rays )
4 apricots – halved
Mix apricot jam and balsamic reduction in a bowl. Grill pork chops and top with 1 Tbl of the jam balsamic glaze. Cook until completely cook through. (cook time depends on thickness) Slice apricots and put on grill for one minute per side. Serve chops with the remainder of the glaze and sliced apricots on top. Serves 4. Enjoy!

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