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Research animals might get another chance

Most of us love Beagles. Their ea­ger to-please, calm personalities make them the perfect pet. This trait also makes them perfect for research pur­poses. But what happens after these animals are no longer needed for re­search?

As a dog owner and animal lover, I am interested in protecting animals that have been used for research in our col­leges and universities. Currently, there are no federal or state guidelines per­taining to post-research adoption poli­cies for animals used in scientific or medical research. Obviously, once they are no longer needed for this purpose, these dogs and cats should be released for adoption whenever possible.

To help accomplish this, I have joined Assemblymember Matt Da­babneh (D – Encino), as the principal co-author of Assembly Bill 147, spon­sored by the Beagle Freedom Project. It requires any postsecondary educa­tional institution that uses dogs or cats for research to offer the animals to adoption or rescue organizations if it is determined they are suitable for adop­tion. While many colleges and univer­sities already have internal adoption programs, this measure will create a statewide standard to supplement those policies.

I am pleased to report that AB 147 received final legislative approval on August 27. The bill has been forwarded to Governor Brown and awaits his signature. If you would like to con­tact the Governor to request he sign AB 147, please give his office a call at (916) 445-2841 or send him a fax at (916) 558-3160. You may also email Governor Brown through his website at mail.php

Hopefully, by taking this small step we can ensure that research animals in California have a chance at a full, hap­py life with a loving human family.

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