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Serving the 75th Assembly District



Assisting district residents with problems trying to navigate California’s massive bureaucracy is one of my primary responsibilities as your representative in Sacramento. Here’s a review of some of the ways my office has assisted residents over the past year.

While my Capitol Office deals largely with legislation and policy issues, my District Office (DO) assists constituents at the local level. Over the past year my DO staff was able to assist with problems that included professional licensing delays, a disabled veteran’s illegally garnished wages, a local 501 (c) (3) with complicated tax problems involving both the IRS and Franchise Tax Board, along with numerous DMV, unemployment, disability and many other issues. In total, we handled over 220 cases during 2016.

Since I’m in Sacramento most of the year, it also falls to my DO staff to act as my eyes and ears while I’m away. This year my staff attended over 300 district events including meetings at local chambers of commerce, health policy conferences, civic clubs, veteran’s groups, sex trafficking prevention seminars, multiple charitable events, groundbreakings, ribbon cuttings and many more.

My District Office also processes and responds to most of the mail I receive from concerned citizens about important issues. This citizen input is a vital part of my decision-making process regarding proposed legislation and I have your letters with me when I am voting in committees and on the Assembly Floor. Last year we processed over 3,500 emails, faxes, and letters about legislation, California’s budget and other important state issues.

My District Office is here to help. We can be reached at 760-480-7570 or through my website at Don’t hesitate to call when you have a problem or concern involving a state agency.

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