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Graybill, Palomar Health moving toward merger

Graybill Medical Group and Palomar Health Foundation are moving forward on their planned merger, but there was a major pothole in the road caused by the COVID-19 outbreak and resulting losses in revenue.

Floyd Farley, CEO told The Times-Advocate this week that the merger plans should be completed within about two months.

Farley last week sent a letter to Graybill employees outlining some of the progress that has been made. 

Farley wrote, “The negotiations have indeed been lengthy with several key issues now finalized; and we continue to focus upon the remaining outstanding yet unresolved items. Besides the complexity of negotiations, the COVID pandemic has impacted negotiation discussions as our efforts have had to also be directed in planning services in our COVID pandemic environment.”

They added, “The positive news is that both parties are again able to dedicate time and resources focused on our negotiations. We meet weekly with the Palomar Health leadership to review outstanding items and discuss possible resolution.”

Conceding that questions might arise due to Palomar Health’s revenue losses and staff layoffs, the letter said that negotiations continue. “. . . with focus upon reaching an agreement. The reasons remain for which we initiated these discussions so many months ago. Graybill, Palomar Medical Foundation, and Palomar Health can work together to expand and develop patient care services in the communities we serve today and will serve in the future.”

Farley wrote: “Graybill will be instrumental in primary care, coordinated specialty care and population health, and development of new physician offices. These efforts will be done in a coordinated planned manner, with Palomar Health providing key knowledge, planning and expertise concerning the overall health needs of the communities served.” 

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