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Golden Bell-winning school holds its annual celebration of art

San Pasqual won the Golden Bell from the CSBA (California School Board Association) for its Red Barn Arts program this year, so it was a special time Friday, March 9 when the annual event was held.

Red Barn Arts hosts the annual Art Days.  Our Saint’s Plaza was transformed into an outdoor classroom with over 100 parent and community volunteers.

The event was held on Friday from 9 a.m.- 3 p.m.

Each class from K-8th Grade had a booth put on by their room’s Art Docent(s).

Artists whose works and techniques were demonstrated ranged from Andy Warhol to Winslow Homer, Charles Schultz to George O’Keefe.

Students rotated through stations featuring a variety of art techniques and activities and concepts of art.

From mosaics to kite-making to martial arts to hula dancing, to singing, and ukulele playing, there are art expressions to meet every child’s needs.

The event was conceived and originally implemented in 2015 in recognition of the well-researched benefits of art education to overall academic achievement, social and emotional development and civic engagement. It levels the educational playing field as well, providing enrichment experiences to economically marginalized children whose exposure to enrichment opportunities is limited. The collaborative nature of “Art Day” promotes partnership between parents, local artists, community and civic organizations.

Over 550 K-8th grade students gain hands-on experience with multiple and various art mediums as part of the district’s commitment to meeting the holistic educational needs of every student.

The objective of Red Barn Arts is (according to the description of the program) “to set high expectations for the arts and promote positive attitudes and connections between adults and students.  Red Barn Arts has created a richer, more memorable learning experience that lays the foundation for what it means to be a truly creative community. Our innovative program has been created by the staff at SPU and has evolved into an exceptional program that provides continuity from kindergarten to the eighth grade.”

It employs a broad base of opportunities for students organized around all four arts disciplines (dance, music, theatre, and visual arts) for each grade level.

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