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Gemstone Gallery to host Greenland gem expert Eric Drummond

Gemstone Gallery of Escondido will host Consulting Geologist Eric Charles Drummond Friday, June from 5–8 p.m. Drummond is an expert on Greenland gems and geology and a TV personality.

Drummond is a professional geolo­gist with a diverse background that includes specialization in the fields of mineral exploration, hydrogeology, engineering geology, and TV show production.

Drummond has been involved with a wide range of projects over the past three decades that include petroleum exploration; mineral exploration (gold, gems, etc.); groundwater supply and remediation projects; and geologic en­gineering/ geo-hazards investigations. Individual responsibilities include: project management; performance of field technical/ exploration services; geologic mapping; subsurface explo­ration; licensing and permitting; report preparation; data analysis; and market­ing.

For the past four years Drummond has focused on mineral exploration in the country Greenland —initially as a geologic consultant and co-star of the unscripted, reality TV show “Ice Cold Gold” and later as a consultant to sev­eral

Greenlandic artisanal miners.

During Drummond’s three years as co-star on the show (2012, 2013, 2014) he acted not only as a cast mem­ber, but also worked closely with exec­utive and network producers on loca­tion selection, scouting, logistics, and other production tasks. Drummond worked closely with the Greenlandic government during this time provid­ing required licensing and reporting services.

In 2015, he founded the company, Red Ice Gem. The purpose of the com­pany is to promote and support small scale/ artisanal mining in Greenland and throughout the world in a manner that is both environmentally and cul­turally responsible. Drummond enjoys sharing his exploration experiences with others and has presented to nu­merous schools, clubs, and organiza­tions.

During his presentation, Drum­mond: co-Star of the unscripted, real­ity TV show “Ice Cold Gold” will in­troduce a new find of extremely large Greenlandic Ruby Crystals. Residents are invited to come by the gallery for an autographed photo at Gemstone Gallery located at the address below. 106 West Grand Avenue, Escondido.

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