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Gaspar will stay on Board of Supervisors, Waldron, Geraci will face off

Following Tuesday night’s primary vote Assemblywoman Marie Waldron of the 75th Assembly District and challenger Alan Geraci are set to face each other in November. No surprise there since they were the only ones on the ballet and, according to California’s peculiar “Jungle” primary the top two candidates must fight it out in November, even if there are only two candidates.

The results were as follows: 

Marie Waldron 26,23762.17%

Alan Geraci 15,91137.70%


Waldron issued this statement: “Thank you so much for your vote of confidence yesterday. I will continue to work hard to represent you and fight for our issues in Sacramento!”

Geraci issued this statement: “Thanks to all of the voters who came out in the Primary election to support me in the first step toward victory in November. I will continue to fight and win on issues important to our community and challenge my opponent to a public debate on the issues facing the 75th Assembly District.”

38th Senate District

Escondido resident Jeff Griffith, a Democrat, was assured of a place battling Republican Brian W. Jones in the 38th District Senate seat.  The results are as follows:

Brian W. Jones71,65458.70%

Jeff Griffith47,25138.71%

Antonio Salguero3,0962.54%

Write-in 71 0.06%

Also of interest to Escondido voters, Kristin Gaspar, current 4th District supervisor, representing Escondido and other communities, will stay in that office. Her attempt to jump into Congress was cut off rather dramatically by the results in the 49th District, where she came in 5th with 9.47%. So she will be forced to finish her first term as supervisors, instead of immediately jumping into national politics.

The results were as follows for the top six places (we left the other ten off the list):

Diane L. Harkey19,38523.31%

Sara Jacobs13,83416.63%

Mike Levin13,63416.39%

Doug Applegate12,41014.92%

Kristin Gaspar7,8789.47%

Rocky J. Chávez7,0128.43%

In the 50th Congressional District, incumbent Duncan Hunter, despite his, shall we say, ethical missteps, came close to getting a majority of the votes. As it was, his share was commanding, and bodes for a challenging summer and fall for his Democratic challenger Ammar Campa-Najjar, who came in second.

The totals were as follows:

Duncan Hunter39,63548.52%

Ammar Campa-Najjar13,44616.46%

Bill Wells10,75513.17%

Josh Butner10,48312.83%

Patrick Malloy 4,7375.80%

S. “Shamus” Sayed1,6622.03%

Richard Kahle8941.09%

Write-in 71 0.09%

Campa-Najjrr released a long post-primary statement, which we won’t print in its entirety here. However, he made his main point in the first paragraph: “To the thousands of supporters and voters who helped us make history this primary election, thank you. For the first time in 4 decades, more votes were casted against the younger Duncan Hunter than for him. We now need to unite the clear majority who are demanding new representation in CA50 behind our effort.”

The complete statement can be found here:

One response to “Gaspar will stay on Board of Supervisors, Waldron, Geraci will face off”

  1. patricia borchmann says:

    Thank you David Ross for posting voting results from June 5, 2018 Primary Election, based on voting ballots from precincts in San Diego county (mostly in north SD inland region).
    Some outcomes were “Gamechangers” from early results posted by mainstream media before midnight on June 5, 2018. Nail biter (Primary), seems to be a prelude to General Election in November 2018.

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