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Gaspar convinces board to funnel $6 million for homeless, low-income housing

Tuesday the Board of Supervisors supported 3rd District Supervisor Kristin Gaspar’s “Tip the Scale” proposal that directs the County’s Chief Administrative Officer “to make three strategic investments to address critical areas of vulnerability and immediately increase emergency housing solutions for three extremely vulnerable populations.” This includes considerable funding for Escondido.

Board President Gaspar told The Times-Advocate: “This unique investment by the County will allow Interfaith to help more people through their successful model, providing respite care and recovery. I will continue my commitment to grow the capacity of our community partners to have a meaningful impact on the lives of the people we serve.”

The motion directs the CAO to invest $6 million in transitional housing programs for youth and sex trafficking victims and give another $6 million to Escondido-based Interfaith Community Services, which provides services for the homeless throughout North County. It currently operates a 32-bed recuperative care center in Escondido—one of the few such facilities of its kind in the county.

According to Interfaith CEO Greg Anglea, the $6 million will help his agency purchase a new building and fund dozens of new beds and recuperative care and temporary housing for homeless or unstably housed patients and others who need a place to stay before they move onto permanent housing.

Anglea told The Times-Advocate:  “Interfaith Community Services is honored to receive this unprecedented level of support directly from our County Board of Supervisors. Thank you to Supervisor Kristin Gaspar for leading the way. This investment will create interim-graduate housing for people moving out of our recuperative care, shelters, and treatment programs, helping people overcome homelessness and the traumas they experience while on the streets. Our Escondido city leaders support this happening here in Escondido, and we will working together to realize this vision. All of this really shows the effectiveness of true partnership and collaboration, the Interfaith way.”

In the board letter Gaspar wrote: “As a Board, we have this opportunity to be bold with how the County makes investments in the human potential and social capital of the people in our region so they can build better health, live safely, and thrive – our County’s Live Well San Diego vision. We must begin to make strategic and meaningful investments in the capacity of the organizations that provide these essential programs and services to our community, often on our behalf. Making investments to grow community capacity for those that need care and the flexibility to provide that care in a truly person-centered way, will improve overall outcomes and foster individual success which comes from empowering and investing in people.”

Other facets of the expenditure:

• Appropriate $2 million to assist the Palomar Family YMCA to buy a property in Escondido for transitional youth housing.

• Appropriate $2 million to fund Capital Project 1023275, a County property to be used by Saved in America for temporary housing of sex trafficking victims.

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  1. Robert Mosemsk says:

    With several small house projects crested Texas as nd Arizona among others that are working why are the great brains not doing it here in Ca. or does it take away from the illegals?

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