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Fundraiser seeks to preserve “artichoke with legs”

The pangolin is an Asian mammal, the only mammal to have scales. It is the victim of a relentless and illegal trafficking in its meat and scales.

A VFW-sponsored fundraiser for the protection of pangolins, sometimes described as “an artichoke with legs,” will be held this Saturday, July 15, 4-10 p.m. at VFW post 1513, 230 E Park Ave, Escondido—in the patio area.

The fundraiser is to help one of the post’s new members, Will Smith, in his dedication to the protection of wildlife mostly in third-world countries where enforcement is extremely corrupt and underarmed.

The event will raise funds to support the anti-poaching program and efforts of the Global Conservation Force.  This one specifically for the protection of the Pangolin, the most trafficked wild animal in the world.

Proceeds from sale of Pangolin draft Beer and food go to this support.

Find out more by visiting the organization’s website, Global Conservation Force at

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