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Former Times-Advocate, NCT columnist debuts first of several science fiction novels

Former Times Advocate/North County Times columnist, Nan Nicoll (now Nan Klee), a new science fic­tion author, has announced the publi­cation of her first book, DreaganStar through iCrew Digital Publishing.

This first book of The Dreagan­Star Trilogy introduces readers to the fascinating universe of the first experimental faster-than-light (FTL) spaceship, The DreaganStar. Set on the moon in the five lunar colonies, DreaganStar tells of the espionage, intrigue, romance, and mad science surrounding the starship during its experimental stage.

Book Synopsis: Doctor Samantha Alexander is the Senior Psychologist of the five Dreagan Corporation lu­nar colonies. She is given the task of proving Jonathan Dreagan, the founder and Chairman of the Board, to be insane. This seemingly easy task is complicated by the fact that Dreagan, the architect of all of the technology around her, is a brilliant scientist, statesman, celebrity, and recluse. Samantha’s superior has re­stricted her methods of inquiry, com­plicating her task, knowing that she may fall in love with Dreagan.

DreaganStar is available now in trade paperback at www.cre­ and on Kin­dle at

About the Author: Nan Klee’s re­sume as a writer includes eight years as a weekly newspaper columnist. She worked as a freelance writer, edi­tor, reporter, photographer, and tech­nical writer. A military veteran, she used her knowledge of Navy flight simulators, computer network train­ing, and technical savvy to become a computer technician while working toward a Master’s degree in Writing and Rhetoric at San Diego State Uni­versity.

Klee has written professionally for San Diego’s North County Times and a monthly column entitled Cranial Soup, for StellaNova Magazine, and has had a few poems and short stories published during her professional ca­reer.

Nan Klee grew up in Chicago, and later lived in Southern California for 37 years. Today, she lives in Eastern Tennessee, and enjoys kayaking as well as writing.

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