Escondido, CA

Former Mayor Abed calls ECCHO’s comments about him  “absurd”

Former Mayor Sam Abed Friday responded to The Times-Advocate’s request for comments about a claim made by ECCHO’s board of directors earlier this week implying that he gave “back room” support for a Country Club development by Michael Schlesinger by declaring the charge “absurd.”

Abed was responding to this comment made by ECCHO: “Now, with the back room encouragement of Sam Abed and a rushed, rubber stamp approval by three City Council members representing districts other than the Country Club community, NUWI wants to build 200 single family homes and 180 condos, with little or no mitigation of the negative impacts on traffic, infrastructure usage and quality of life this increased density will cause.   ECCHO contends that 380 units exceeds zoning requirements and is a clear violation of the Escondido General Plan.”

The former mayor emailed the Times-Advocate: “ECCHO’s comments about me is absurd. They should instead show appreciation for my unwavering support for ECHHO in their fight against higher density. Perhaps they should go back and listen to my remarks at the council meeting. I have always advocated for less homes and for a solution to serve the best interest of the Country Club Community.”

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