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Foodie favorite Wooden Spoon closes

Sad news for foodies. One of Escondido’s happening dining experiences, The Wooden Spoon, served its last chef-crafted made to order mean on November 10.

The Wooden Spoon, which opened in February 2015 and immediately began making a splash among foodies everywhere for its “comfort food redefined” as in made with a gourmet flair, has closed at its 805 E. Valley Parkway location next to the now defunct Wedeking’s Bakery.

The Wooden Spoon was owned by Jesse Paul and his wife Catherine. It specialized in “farm to table” cuisine that was driven by the seasons, and by a commitment to local farmers.

One of its most iconic menu items was a decadent baked-on-the premises Chocolate Chip cookie served with homemade vanilla ice cream. 

The signature “Spoon Burger” featured blue cheese as one of its succulent ingredients. It almost literally melted in your mouth.

The restaurant won a number of peoples’ choice awards during the few years that it was open, and was featured in visitors’ guides as one of “the” places to dine if you were going to be dropping by the Hidden City. 

The Wooden Spoon left this message on their Facebook page:

We Are Lifting Our Roots

It was our pleasure cooking for you this past five years, at our little location on East Valley Parkway, in the hidden town of Escondido. Thank you to our small devoted team and to everyone who has supported The Wooden Spoon restaurant and our mission. We hope that you have felt and tasted the love we put into the craft, with the food you have eaten at The Wooden Spoon. As our lease is up, and many other varied reasons, it is time for us to say good bye to this location; we hope we have left you inspired. Although we are leaving our location, The Wooden Spoon owned by husband and wife, Chef Jesse & Catherine, is still in business. Stay connected and be the first to know what The Wooden Spoon is cooking up next. Check out our website and sign up for our newsletter at Also, follow our Instagram & Facebook feeds at woodenspoonsd.


5 responses to “Foodie favorite Wooden Spoon closes”

  1. SoCal Baker says:

    The location was total crap, the food was O.K., I hope they locate in on Grand but doubt it because they will not be able to support them selves from the poor Escondido people. Escondido is a Ross kind of town, especially with all the old baby boomers and Latinos prefer McDonalds to the Wooden Spoon. Go to Carlsbad, were millennials and gen Xers like good food.

    • Teresa says:

      That’s a racist remark socal baker. You didn’t even speak highly of their food.

    • John Clayton says:

      Good job, SoCal Baker, being both ageist and racist in the same short comment. Can tell you’re a millennial — not being able to spell the word “where.” You guys shoulda paid attention to more than your mirror reflections when you attended school.

  2. Michael Singer says:

    This was our favorite restaurant in North County. Jesse paid great attention to local sources and organic ingredients. The main dishes were great and oh those cookies and milk! Very sad to see it close but extremely hopeful that he and Catherine will reincarnate somewhere new and wish them tremendous success. We thank them so much.

  3. Meegs says:

    Socal Baker is an uneducated A-Hole. The Wooden Spoon was delicious… right down to the last bite. Can’t wait for to be part of their next food adventure.

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