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Five no hitters in a row EsoteRick

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What Donald Trump accomplished is going down in history as a phenomenon. It is so over the top when you look at the odds, the opposition and the energy it took a 70-year-old man to do what NO ONE thought possible.

I would compare it to pitching five major league no hitters, no, five complete game no hitters, in a row.

First, he was self-funded in an era that everyone agrees it takes at least a billion dollars to properly wage a Presidential campaign. Second, it takes the support of one of the two major parties, right? Or does it?

Finally, his pedigree, a well-known reality TV blow-hard, a nattering nabob of local politics of New York, and a super rich high-rise builder who is known to be abrasive and narcissistic, placed him in rare air where he would find few loyal supporters and big money contributors.He would have to go it alone. And finally, he has zero experience running for any office, let alone the most powerful position on earth.

How could he even think he had a chance, especially running against a female who had paid her dues, been a part of a White House Family, been a senator from New York, and traveled the world relentlessly, acting as Secretary of State for the popular young black President, Barack Obama? A political icon who, according to her husband, former President Bill Clinton, “deserved” to be the first woman President in American history

So it would be an impossible task, right?


Virtually everyone thought he was delusional. But when he discussed the idea with his family, his immigrant wife Melania said, “You know if you run, you will win.”

So as the years go by, and as this transformative moment in time fades into the history books, I predict that textbooks will still be trying to understand how this man did what he did. How did he bypass the mainstream media, that for all intensive purposes were out to take him down? How did he reach all of those groups that traditionally vote Democrat, the minorities, the immigrants, the college students, and women? How did he drive the conversation, dominate the headlines, and handily dispatch no less than 16 formidable, polished and qualified Republican challengers? How did he brush off the avalanche of personal attacks about his treatment of women, of veterans, of handicapped, and of immigrants?


By being honest. By dropping the pretense of being a politician. By simply focusing his attention, and the attention of the media that normally directs the news to subjects they select, and by pointing out the otherwise obvious, that everyone who was opposing him had ulterior motives. He exposed how the establishment of both parties were clearly owned by special interests, and that the only ones who stood to gain by continuing the traditional path of big party, big government, big business, and big money were those same “one-percenters” who have been driving the bus for the past couple of decades.

He simply kept asking “How has that been working out for Americans?”

While simultaneously promising to revive the spirit of Americanism that made this country great in the first place. He did it by trusting the American people to make the right choice to lead the world again, to champion freedom, to dream big and to never settle for anything less than the best.

The academics will be looking at this, in utter amazement, for years. Those of us who supported him are no less amazed. We all should be. No matter what you think of his politics, what the man just did is no less than a political and cultural miracle.

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Elkin, a resident of Escondido, is the author of “Turn Right at Lost: Recalculating America.”

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