Escondido, CA

Five candidates vie for city treasurer

Five candidates have filed to run for the City Treasurer’s position that is currently held by longtime Treasurer Ken Hugins, who declined to run for reelection.

The candidates are Ryan T. Clark, an engineering manager and entrepre­neur; Robroy R. Fawcett, an attorney; Blaise J. Jackson, School Board Presi­dent/ Attorney; Douglas W. Shultz, Financial Analyst/Businessman; and John W. Trudell, Certified Public Ac­countant.


Ryan T. Clark, 36 (see interview, front page), writes in his statement: “Our City Treasurer is the voters’ di­rect link to our community’s future fiscal health. This trusted position re­quires integrity, transparency, and ac­countability.

“I’ve had the pleasure to serve my fellow citizens where trust is para­mount: I have deployed into combat as a U.S. Army Infantryman where lives are at stake, and I have worked on some of our nation’s most advanced aerospace projects that maintain our warfighter advantages. My engineer­ing background enables me to evaluate risk and identity solutions to complex problems.

“My Army training enables me to understand the human factors, and how our fiscal policies will directly impact our residents’ daily lives. Being an en­trepreneur, I also recognize that I am fully accountable for all decisions.

“As a steward of your tax dollars, I will focus on continued responsible growth of our budget reserves while supporting our vital community servic­es. While I am a fiscal conservative, I believe many social programs can ulti­mately save taxpayer dollars in the long run and promote growth. I believe in an efficient government that has a posi­tive and energetic culture, a true City of Choice for our residents and business­es. It would be an honor to serve you.”


Robroy R. Fawcett, 56, writes: “As City Treasurer, I will be readily acces­sible to the public, and eager to address your concerns. I have lived in Escondi­do for over 20 years, and I have worked here for 17 years owning my own busi­ness as an Attorney.

“Additionally, I have volunteered in youth organizations. My family has been greatly blessed by our community, and I am very grateful.

“The City Treasurer is responsible for safeguarding the City’s money and public funds, and monitoring bond and assessment district administration. I will carefully invest the City’s surplus funds, giving priority to safety first, liquidity second, and yield last. As a persistent open government advocate, I will use the latest cost-effective tech­nology to inform the public of the City’s investments, funds, and accounts.

“I believe the City Treasurer’s salary is too high (like all of the management salaries at City Hall). In 1984, voters tied the City Treasurer’s salary to one- half of the salary of a City Hall depart­ment head. Since then, salaries have in­creased substantially. Notoriously, City Hall salaries jumped even as private sector salaries and jobs lagged, and de­sirable municipal functions were cut or scaled back. I am asking for your vote on November 8, 2016.”


Blaise J. Jackson wrote in his state­ment: “The Office of the Treasurer is meant to provide independent oversight of the City’s investment funds. Trans­parency and accountability to the tax­payers of Escondido, not to the Mayor or the City Council, is the most impor­tant requirement of the job. Blaise Jack­son will be the independent voice for taxpayer money that Escondido needs.

“Blaise Jackson has lived in Escondi­do for 25 years. He has raised his fam­ily here and has served his community. He currently serves as President of the San Pasqual Union School District and has served on the board since 2007. He is a graduate of the University of San Diego and practiced law in San Diego since 1992.

“Blaise wants to continue his service to his community and be your next Trea­surer. He has the legal background and experience working with government agencies to keep the office of Treasurer moving forward and the common sense to invest our money safely. The City Council wanted to remove the Office of the Treasurer in 2014; we need a strong, independent voice to keep watch on our investments. Blaise Jackson will be that voice.”

“This November, vote Blaise Jackson for Escondido City Treasurer.”


Douglas W. Shultz wrote in his state­ment: “It is an honor for me to offer my services to the citizens of Escondido as City Treasurer. I am a fiscal conserva­tive for transparent government and of­fer you the following:

“Experience and Investments. I have worked in the financial industry for over 10 years and currently run a Wealth Management practice in North County. I have the experience to man­age the City’s finances with wisdom and prudence.

“Efficiency. I have gained extensive knowledge over the past year by work­ing with the Escondido City Treasury Department as a volunteer. I have a thorough understanding of the city’s finances and will be able to provide ef­fective guidance and management for the city.

“Transparency. The city’s money be­longs to the tax payers. I will ensure that the people of the city will be able to have a clear understanding of the city’s finances to the fullest extent of the law.”


John W. Trudell’s statement is as fol­lows: “Throughout my time in Escondi­do, I have worked with business leaders and community and faith organizations to strengthen their financial future serv­ing the North County region. I currently serve as the Board of Directors Trea­surer for the Escondido Federal Credit Union and other community service or­ganizations.

“As a native to the San Diego region and a graduate of SDSU, I will continue to ensure sound fiscal management for our city’s assets. I have also dedicated my work to promoting strong fiscal management as an educator at Palomar College and other educational institu­tions.

“My work overseeing the financial credibility of multiple municipalities throughout the San Diego region has given me the critical experience to en­sure the future of our community in which I have lived for over 30 years. I have held officials accountable for asset management on behalf of the taxpayers ensuring the public trust and govern­mental accountability.

“My governmental auditing career started as the Accounting Supervisor for the City of Escondido before mov­ing on to auditing multiple cities in the San Diego region.

“I hope to serve the City of Escondido as Treasurer to continue our economic stability and guard the interest of the citizens of our city.

“I understand I am responsible for the cost of this statement and I may be billed or refunded the difference in cost based on the final registration for my jurisdiction.”

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