Escondido, CA

First Escondido Legends senior honored

Samantha Boyce, Honored Senior, with Mrs. Boyce, presenting the Escondido Legends honorees certificate to Shawn Roner, Principal of Escondido Charter High School.

The Escondido History Center and the Escondido Legends Committee presented a framed certificate to Escondido Charter High School in honor of Samantha Boyce for her soccer achievements, academic excellence and service to Escondido.  In October, 2019, Samantha was awarded a $1,000 honorarium and other awards in the name of 2019 Escondido Legend Shannon Mac Millan.  This honorarium and eight additional 2019 Escondido Legend awards to outstanding high school seniors in Escondido was made possible by the generous funding of the Rincon Band of Luiseño Indians.

The Escondido Legends Committee has selected, for the 2020 awards program, six Escondido Forever Legends and two Escondido Founding Legends.  Eight new outstanding high school seniors will receive a $1,000 honorarium and other awards thanks to the generous donation by Jack Raymond.

Over the coming weeks a short biography of the 2020 Forever and Founding Legends will be presented. The Forever Legends for 2020 are George Cordry, Pete Coscarart, Robert Freeman, Sid Hollins, Jack Port and Jane Trussell.  The 2020 Founding Legends are Juan Batista Alvarado and Gavy Cravath.

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