Escondido, CA

Fed official praises city for ‘no graffiti’

City council members (left) pose with heads of the various departments and divisions of Public Works as they celebrate National Public Works Week.

Last week at the city council meeting when Escondido Mayor Paul McNamara was reading the proclamation of National Public Works Week, he noted: “I think it’s important that a few facts are mentioned. Most people don’t know that last week the director of the Federal Housing and Urban Development visited Escondido.

When the director was in Escondido he told the mayor, “One of the things I noticed is that you have no graffiti.”

“That’s pretty impressive,” said the mayor. “And we can thank the men and women of our public works department. It all starts here.”

The mayor introduced and brought out to the front of the hall the heads of the various departments and divisions that make up Public Works. 

The personnel of the Public Works Department builds and maintains the facilities of the City of Escondido, said McNamara. They include employees of the Street Division, Parks Division, Building Maintenance, Fleet Services, Water Department and Waste Water Department. “Every day this team takes on the responsibility to maintain things we take for granted. They keep the city safe and keep it clean.”

During National Public Works Week, he said, “We take time to educate the public on the importance of public works, celebrate this effort and the indispensable influence of these men and women. If you want to know who’s behind the curtain, you’re looking at them.”

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