Escondido, CA

Farmers market promotes healthy holidays

Ari 12, Dominic 10, Narek 6 and Blaise 2 of Escondido gather samples of Natures Candy at the preview of Halloween handouts at Sikes Farmers Market.

Sikes Adobe Farmers Market vendors “lean in together” to promote a healthy Holiday season.

It started the weekend before Halloween.  Farmers Markets in North County began promoting the “Healthiest Holidays Ever” in this case offering customers “Nature’s Candy” to pass out as trick-or-treats instead of the typical sugar loaded commercial candy offerings.

It’s part of the North Countywide promotion of helping parents wean their children off the “SAD” (Standard American Diet) of Fast, Junk and Processed “foods” which has created illnesses in children never seen in them just a few decades ago, said Sustainable Santa,  a promoter of the effort.  “With everyone putting their shoulder to the effort we are confident we can change the ‘eating culture of our kids’ back to one that will render them Healthy, Happy and Fit for Life.”

Your local Farmers Market can be your Holiday shopping destination this year so you can give friends and family the greatest gift of all – Good Health.

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