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Expo points towards a carbon-less future

Mayor Dane White gesturing dramatically as he describes how bringing electrical car industry to Escondido could generate jobs. Listening is Greater Escondido Chamber of Commerce CEO James Rowten. “Let’s make some noise!” he urged the crowd.

The 2nd annual Green Transpo Expo at the North County Mall brought together 30 to 40 vehicles, from cars to buses, trucks and bikes, all of them operating without the internal combustion engine. Electric cars may only make up a small percentage of the cars are the road, but the makers represented here are betting that they will eventually dominate the market.
They included names such as Lucid Motors and Scorpion—all American made. Other manufacturers represented included Kia and Ford with its E150, among many others.
The North County Mall was lively on Saturday as hundreds of people who were probably there for the shopping, stopped to see the latest in technology that uses power created by the sun.
James Rowten, CEO of the Greater Escondido Chamber of Commerce, presented a thank you plaque to Nitta Gaddy, general manager of the North County Mall. The mall did everything it could to help make the expo happen, Rowten said. “North County Mall has 120 retail outlets. This mall is alive and well!”
Rowten introduced 50th District Rep. Scott Peters, whose district includes Escondido. “This is a terrific event,” said the congressman. “And it’s Earth Day!” The benefits are beyond just the environment, he said, extending to jobs and economic growth for the region. “It’s a wonderful thing.”
Peters presented a proclamation, recognizing the Chamber for the expo. “Congratulations and thanks!”
An enthusiastic Escondido Mayor Dane White praised the expo, “I want you all to make some noise. I want them to hear you on the other side of the mall!” he said. White, who attended with his wife and two children, said he would like to attract electric car manufacturing to Escondido.
Marc Schaefer, of state Senator Brian Jones’s office, also congratulated the Chamber for the event. He presented a proclamation praising the expo and the Chamber’s efforts “for the betterment of the community. For educating and informing the public on a rapidly changing transportation industry.”

Cutting the ribbon officially opening the Green Transpo Expo Saturday at North County Mall. Dignitaries included (far left) Chris Cochran, marketing & events director, Greater Escondido Chamber of Commerce; Escondido pageant princesses; Marc Schaefer, of Senator Brian Jones’s office; Rep. Scott Peters of the 50th District; Escondido Mayor Dane White; James Rowten, CEO of the Greater Escondido Chamber; Escondido pageant princesses, Nitta Gaddy, general manager of the North County Mall, Ruth Kingcade of the Escondido Chamber.

An Electric Performance Car
I sat down with the Scorpion EV Roadster’s builder, Bill Cardoso, and learned a little bit about the industry. Cardoso didn’t start building electric cars.
He makes 25 of these high end cars a year at the factory in Temecula. How high end? Each one costs $185,000 and you’ll have to wait three to four months to take delivery of one of these custom vehicles. Besides being able to go zero to 60 in 2.5 seconds, the Scorpion has a 400 mile range. It’s also very light at 2,500 pounds.
“I’ve always been in love with performance vehicles,” said Cardoso. “I love fast cars.” However, his autistic son is very sensitive to loud engine noises, so he decided to build a car that his son would enjoy riding in. It’s a performance car all right, with a 600 plus horsepower engine. “I designed it from the ground up,” he said. “It was designed as an electric vehicle” and wasn’t just an electric motor dropped into a chassis made for a gasoline-driven car.
According to the brochure: “We engineered an EV power train based on the Tesla S to drive the MK4 roadster from Factory Five.”

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