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Experience an ‘urban park’ at CicloVia Saturday



Have you ever experienced an Urban Park? Come to CicloVia on April 11, from 10 a.m.¬—3 p.m., where a one-mile loop of Grand Avenue will be closed to vehicles, but completely open to pedestrians and non-motorized wheels.

Enjoy walking, bicycling, dancing, playing, and socializing… urban space becomes an urban park and store fronts will move beyond their walls and create “parklets” to enjoy food, beverage and shopping.

You can join the kick-off for the event at 10 a.m. at Grand Avenue & Escondido Boulevard with County Supervisor Dave Roberts, Mayor Sam Abed and Grand Marshall WW2 veteran Manuel Torres, 94, … among others.

Local businesses, farmers, health and wellness organizations (healthcare, yoga, physical treatment, dietary to name few) will participate to share healthy living and lifestyle choices available from throughout the area.

There are more than 90 Open Street events in the United States and Canada, but this is the first time one has been staged in Escondido. To learn more visit

You are invited to bring the whole family for this free event. You can also buy raffle tickets for a chance to win a new children’s bike, sponsored by Bike Bling.

What is a Ciclovia?

CicloVia is an Open Street event. Streets are temporarily closed to automobile traffic and people participate by: walking, bicycling, dancing, playing, and socializing….urban space becomes an urban park.

CicloVia Escondido will open a one-mile loop in downtown Escondido so people can enjoy healthy activities, local businesses and their neighbors in a safe, fun and car free way.

• This is a free event, no registration is required.

• It’s open to anyone who wants to bike, walk, stroll, skate or dance as long as they’re using a non-motorized vehicle.

• Families and pets (on leashes) are welcome. Activities will include special promotions and festivities from local businesses and family oriented entertainment.

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