Escondido, CA

Ever dream of riding with a posse?

Does the word ‘posse’ conjure up images of racing across the west chasing outlaws … or going out into thick brush searching for clues to find the whereabouts of a lost hiker or beloved animal?  That is the rich tradition of the Escondido Mounted Posse.

The posse is looking for riders to join them.

Founded in 1948, the posse was originally formed to assist the police department in emergencies, criminal apprehension or possible disasters.  Additionally, it would participate in annual events throughout the county.  With the outbreak of the Korean War, posse members augmented the police department as officers were called to military service.

By mid-1950, prospective volunteers were required to pass the rigorous demands of the San Diego Sheriff’s Reserve Academy.  This bi-weekly 6-month commitment trained recruits in all phases of law enforcement.  Quarterly firearms training kept the members qualified and sharp.  In addition to their enforcement duties, this group was also enlisted to enhance community relations by attending local parades, riding their mounts in full regalia displaying our nation’s colors.  These were the members of the Escondido Police Posse.

Today, Escondido’s law enforcement is sufficiently ranked and no longer needs a volunteer police posse.  The now-known Escondido Mounted Posse still serves a vital purpose representing the spirit of a time gone by, keeping America’s vitality in the hearts of communities all over Southern California and Arizona.

The Escondido Mounted Posse is looking for a few good equestrians interested in doing something special with their equestrian partner that is intensely patriotic, fulfilling, exciting, while making a few new friends (become a member of a real posse!) along the way.   Don’t worry, since they don’t perform police duties, you won’t be required to train in the Sheriff’s Academy!  But they do learn some pretty cool parade moves!

If this sounds like something you and your partner would be interested in, visit the posse’s website at and download their application on the contact page.  Your horse will love you for it!

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