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Escondido’s Regal Cinemas may not close after all

Don’t give up hope on Escondido’s Regal Cinemas just yet. The reports that the Regal Cinemas is closing aren’t exactly accurate, according to Jennifer Schoeneck, deputy director of economic development for the city.

On Friday, Schoeneck told The Times-Advocate: “I have been on the phone today with the brokers representing the ownership group for the Regal Cinema shopping center and the good news the owner of the shopping center is actually negotiating with Regal cinemas to try and get them to stay.”

She added, “So I let them know we’re supportive of their efforts to try and keep the cinema. If that deal doesn’t work out we’re here to help them find the new cinema or alternate use.”

She added, “Let the public know that the owner of that shopping center is actively trying to keep them.”

She noted that the type of bankruptcy the Regal Cinemas has filed for is an an organizational change bankruptcy not a Chapter 7—so there’s still a chance they can bounce back. It’s definitely something that is in flux.” Meantime no announcement has been made on an official date for the cinema to close it’s doors.” So movie goers should keep their fingers crossed, and maybe start attending movies again to motivate them to stay!

Meanwhile this story is developing.

7 responses to “Escondido’s Regal Cinemas may not close after all”

  1. Cheryl says:

    It would be great if the movie theater (whomever it is) relocates to the mall. I think this area is just run down. Years ago I believe there was a movie theater planned for future mall renovation. Nothing happened…Now may be a good time.

  2. Donna says:

    Please don’t closed. I have been going to the movie theaters in bonsall since I was a little kid and now I take my kids we love this place.

  3. Michael says:

    Frankly I want Regal to shut down and new owners to take over. The theater is the worst in the region. It uses the same amenities it did 20 years ago and hasn’t kept up with the times yet they charge the pricing they do in Regal theaters that have seen renovations like San Marcos and Mira Mesa.

    If I want a good movie-going experience, the Escondido Regal hasn’t delivered that in a very long time. Over the past years I’ve gone to Regal San Marcos or Mira Mesa, Angelica in Carmel Mountain, or Cinepolis in Vista. The last two especially get most of my visits since they offer far superior experience to what any of the Regal theaters do at the same price point.

  4. Carol says:

    Was there and the staff was very polite and friendly and positive

  5. Von Weeks says:

    We go at least once a week. Hope they can work it out to stay.

  6. Stein says:

    In the little town I now live in (population just under 20,000) there is a six screen theater. They offer regular seating and VIP seating (where they bring you snacks and drinks and the seats recline-kind of like Cinepolis). It stays quite busy and is neat and clean. and thriving.

    Perhaps the location and “clientele” hanging around outside has something to do with this venue?

  7. Dave Jackson says:

    I don`t care if they leave.I don`t like going to the movies,but took my kids and their friends to see Puss in Boots during christmas break…There are no people to take your money for a ticket!It is self serve,which I despise.Once inside,it is fairly rundown,the concessions have the bare minimum,and those working there are more into talking and playing on their phones than taking care of customers…no wonder they have not closed already.

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