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Escondido’s Perez proving to be a dashing young man

Standout Escondido sprinter Eden Perez (in black) put on a show in the 100 and 200 meters versus Fallbrook. Photo by Lenny Kerbs

Already having fashioned some notable achievements entering last week, Escondido High sprinter Eden Perez has continued building on his splendid season with a pair of standout efforts.
The first of those praiseworthy performances came in a dual meet versus Fallbrook on April 13 at Esco’s home track.
The swift Perez got his afternoon off to a bang-up start when he sped his way to victory in the 100 meters in rather chilly conditions which made his personal best time of 11.17 in that event all the more impressive.
But that was just the beginning because a second estimable result was soon to follow.
Next up was the 200-meter race—and again Perez demonstrated his prowess, leading the way with a clocking of 23.38. When it came to the individual dashes, the Bulldogs simply didn’t have anyone who could catch up to the fleet Cougar.
Two days later, Perez participated in a much larger event, the Jaguar Invite (Morning Session) that was held at Valley Center High School and featured competitors from 22 schools.
Facing off against some very stiff competition, Perez was more than up to the challenge and added to his credentials,
In the 100, the EH junior finished third out of a field of 33 other rivals. By any measure, this was a fine showing.
And then—for the second time in less than 48 hours—Perez delivered another personal record, this time in the 200. His all-time best of 23.08 netted him the fifth spot in a field of 36 runners—which represented another laudable effort.
Perez has finished first five times in the nine individual dash events in which he has entered this year. Plus, he has also been an instrumental part of four Escondido relay victories whether he’s put his quicks to good use by running either the first or second leg.
In other words, this youngster knows how to get it done whenever he takes his mark and gets ready to blast off. Thanks to his undeniable skill at dashing, Perez has discovered his own sort of nirvana or – please pardon the pun – Eden.

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