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Escondido’s MFRO project awarded $3M

The U.S Bureau of Reclamation June 8 announced Title XVI grants and the City of Escondido has received $3,069,303; bringing the total Title XVI grant for the Membrane Filtration Reverse Osmosis Project. (MFRO) to over $8 million. 

Total grant funding for this project is now over $10 million. The City of Escondido’s Membrane Filtration Reverse Osmosis (MFRO) Project will provide an additional water supply source to the City’s agricultural users. 

The project will construct a facility to treat recycled water using membrane filtration and reverse osmosis technologies to produce high-quality recycled water low in total dissolved solids (TDS) and chlorides. This water will be provided to growers who produce crops that require high-quality water and are essential to the local economy. Upon completion, the project will produce up to 2,226 acre-feet of water annually.

The project has been a favorite of Escondido Mayor Paul McNamara since he took office. He told The Times-Advocate: “The recent award of 3M dollars for the MFRO project is another great step in moving Escondido to be the gold standard for the challenges facing cities not just tomorrow, but 50 and 100 years from now.  It will help in our quest for water independence while preserving North County agriculture.”

The mayor added, “Our city staff along with council guidance is hard at work through partnerships with organizations like SANDAG, private industry, academia and others to address those challenging future issues of land management, energy, and environmental stewardship that are difficult to solve while preserving the community characteristics that we all love.  I think our staff has demonstrated, once again, an Escondido tradition of innovation and future thinking.  I think we should all be very proud of them and their efforts.”  

The Bureau of Reclamation is providing $16.6 million to nine congressionally authorized Title XVI Water Reclamation and Reuse projects. This funding, part of the WaterSMART Program, is for the planning, design, and construction of water recycling and reuse projects in partnership with local government entities. 

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