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Escondido’s Edna Nerona, competes in 4th Hong Kong International Music Festival

“Competitions serve as way to ‘risk forward,’ pushing your technical skill as well as focus and expression,” says pianist/comedian Edna Nerona of Escondido.

Edna Nerona competed in 4th Hong Kong International Music Festival  (HKIMF)  piano competition held at SoCal Pianos in San Marcos, on May 27.  Cohosted by Star Image Cultural Communications, Star San Diego International,  and the A&L International Education Center, this is the first North America audition in California.

The competition invited performers from ages 7 years to 27 years old and over to compete. In addition to piano, other categories included:  vocal performance, violin, wind instruments, percussion, Chinese orchestra, and Chinese string and Chinese plucked.

According to Michelle Ting Lui, the San Diego audition producer and CEO of Star San Diego International, Inc., “HKIMF continuously organizes a variety of inspiring activities and actively extending music educational exchanges to different countries around the world.”

Nerona, a resident of Escondido, is a professional speaker, who has competed in over 50 Toastmasters contests.  As a comedian,  she has performed at the world famous Comedy Store in La Jolla, the National Comedy Theatre, and other venues around the county.

“In public speaking and comedy, you grow by performing in front of different audiences, “she said.  “It‘s also very true for piano.  Competitions serve as way to ‘risk forward,’ pushing your technical skill as well as focus and expression.”

She added, “My dream is to merge comedy and classical piano so I can entertain and inspire audiences in the same way that the great Victor Borge did.”

Competition results are pending.  Awardees will be recognized at the October 2017 Gala (date to be announced).

To learn more about Edna Nerona, visit her website:  Details about the Hong Kong International Music Festival  can be found here:

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