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Escondido’s Distinction Gallery will present works of June Stratton

The works of June Stratton, such as this panel, will be showcased at the Distinction Gallery February 9 through March 2, 2019.

Distinction Gallery will  present: June Stratton “Modern Dryads” in an exhibition running February 9 through March 2, 2019.

Stratton is a native of Northern California’s Bay Area where she attended the College of Fine Arts and Crafts in Oakland until 1979.  She currently lives and works in both Atlanta and Savannah Georgia.  With a 25-year span of successful exhibitions across the globe, her works have been acquired by many major collections including Bank of America, US Department of State, The Mayo Clinic and Texaco Incorporated.

In the artist’s words: “My paintings are imagined blends of beauty and nature. These paintings are often intentionally idealized representations of emotional impressions from my dreams – entwined with elements of the earth, sky and water that surround my real world. I use symbols and my feminine viewpoint to tell a very loose, abstracted narrative. As in my dreams, my muses cannot see all things, are sometimes unable to speak and frequently appear to be floating.”

Gallery Director – Melissa Walker told The Times-Advocate: “From the moment I first saw June’s artwork I was transcended into the environments of her dreamy scenes, typically feminine subjects juxtaposed with elements of nature, enveloped on cool silver backgrounds.  June is masterful at capturing the emotion and tranquility of a moment frozen in time.

“Her subjects often have a beautiful innocence about them further seducing viewers into their intriguing surroundings. I have no less than sheer excitement to exhibit her breathtaking works in the gallery.”

Dr. Brian Redmond commented, “It is a pleasure to say how much I have enjoyed experiencing June Stratton’s creativity since the day I first discovered her talent. Ask anyone who knows her work and they will urge you to reward yourself for years to come with art that communicates with and evokes a response from the observer.”

Stratton’s exhibition will run from February 9 through March 2, 2019. The opening reception with June, live music, ArtHatch open studios, Stone Beer, and BK Cellars wine will be on Saturday February 9 from 6-10 p.m.                

Distinction Gallery is located at 317 E Grand Ave Suite A, Escondido.

Call them at 760-707-2770.

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