Escondido, CA

Escondido unemployment lowest in 10 years

Mirroring much of the unincorporated area of San Diego County, unemployment in the city of Escondido reached its lowest levels in ten years in April: 3.8% This compares favorably to several other cities in the region, which saw unemployment fall 0.8% over the same month last year, making it the lowest since December 2016.

The figures come from The San Diego Regional Economic Development Council’s “San Diego’s Economic Pulse,” which can be found at

Unemployment was also 3.8% for the unincorporated part of the county. Higher than Escondido were Chula Vista with 4.8%, El Cajon with 5.4%, Lemon Grove with 5.0% and Oceanside with 3.9%.  However, Escondido’s figures were higher than Carlsbad (3.4%), Encinitas (3.0%), Poway (2.4%) and San Marcos (2.9%.) See accompanying chart.

Michelle Geller, Escondido’s economic development manager, told The Times Advocate: “Escondido’s unemployment rate is mirroring the rest of the county. 2007 is the last time it was at these current numbers. As a city, we’ve focused on designating more employment land and increasing the skills and education of our residents through resources like the Escondido Adult School and our local universities. However, I would say Escondido is following the same positive trends as the rest of the county/region/state with regard to record low unemployment rates.”

The Economic Pulse also quoted Phil Blair, chief executive officer and president of Manpower as predicting higher salaries soon. “Job postings aren’t staying up long, and unemployment is near record lows. I expect wages to start increasing as we approach full employment.”

The largest job generator in the region appears to be construction, which is up 8.5% over 2016. The next highest was healthcare, which grew 2.8% in the region.

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