Escondido, CA

Escondido student suing in college admissions scandal

A woman from Escondido now attending Stanford University is among several students who have filed a class action lawsuit over the college admissions scandal that erupted recently named some of the most prestigious universities in the country. Federal prosecutors have indicted several prominent parents in paying bribes to ensure that their children’s admission. More than 50 have been charged in the case. 

The woman from Escondido, Kalea Woods, one of the plaintiffs in a federal lawsuit, claims to have been denied a fair opportunity to apply to USC. 

Named in the lawsuit is William “Rick” Singer, the Key Worldwide Foundation, and and a number of colleges including the University of San Diego, USC, Stanford, Yale, and UCLA.   The plaintiffs allege that “unqualified students” were admitted to “highly selective universities.” They ask to get refunds for the applications fees they paid to the colleges. 

About 50 wealthy parents are charged with paying the fix standardized test scores and bribing sports coaches into admitting their children onto sports teams in order to get the students into top universities. 

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