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Escondido senior making more “buster” creations for breast cancer survivors

Pat Anderson making her knitted bra inserts for cancer survivors.

Escondido senior Pat Anderson made headlines in 2017 for her creation of the Sisterhood of the Boobless Wonders. This breast cancer survivor has knitted more than 650 breast-shaped bra inserts for women across the country. These “busters” are donated to breast cancer patients and survivors who’ve undergone a mastectomy.

After word spread of her unique Busters in all sizes an array of pastel colors, she’s recruited several of her neighbors who are breast cancer survivors at Redwood Terrace. The senior living community she calls home is dedicated to giving back and fostering meaningful activities. Together the residents help knit these products that give comfort and dignity to women.

Over the last few months, requests for her busters have gone down. She’s trying now to get the word out to help women across the country.

To reach Pat Anderson to order some of her “busters” email her at

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