Escondido, CA

Escondido Renaissance Faire returns to Escondido Oct. 28 & 29

Queen Elizabeth (the original one, or a close facsimile) will be an important part of the Renaissance Faire.

The Escondido Renaissance Faire is a bi-annual event held over two weekends twice a year (Spring and Fall) and has been a tradition for over 15 years. It will return to Felicita Park on October 28 & 29 and November 4 & 5.

Enjoy battles, go on a quest for the Queen, hear stories from Captain Jack and see amazing performances. At the Escondido Renaissance Faire Royalty, fairies, pirates, and knights, all come to life before your very eyes.

The bi-annual festival is put on by Olde Tyme Productions. A spokesman told The Times-Advocate: “Our goal is to educate and entertain guests young and old, about the life back in the Elizabethan Era. From battles on the field, to having a drink at the pub, to browsing through our many vendors, or watching the variety of shows; whatever catches your fancy, we have available to satisfy it. So, come on out and join us in a portal to the past.”

The faire is entering its 18th year in Escondido’s Felicita Park. It remains one of the few faires that runs a full battle pageant. The recent addition of a Joust to the event has been very popular, and is likely to continue into the foreseeable future.

To learn more about what you will be experiencing, information on all of the guilds, vendors and entertainment is available at under “Esco 2017.”

For more information and tickets, go to

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