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Escondido police dispatcher coordinates rescue of man stranded at sea

Being that Escondido is an inland city it would be virtually unheard of for the Escondido Police/Fire Communication center to handle a 911 call for stranded boater. However, that is exactly what happened on July 14 when Dispatch Supervisor Christina Ebert coordinated the rescue of a man stranded on a cap­sized boat.

Around 1:15 PM a father in Escondi­do received a phone call from his adult son. His son told him that his boat had capsized 10-12 miles off shore, west of the Mission Bay jetty. The son was clinging to the boat and in need of rescue. The father quickly dialed 911 from his cell phone and reached Escon­dido Police/Fire Dispatch Supervisor Christina Ebert. The father explained the situation and asked for help in con­tacting the U.S. Coast Guard. Dispatch Supervisor Ebert was able to reach the U.S. Coast Guard by radio and notify them of the incident. Ebert then called the son’s cell phone company where she was able to obtain the latitude and longitude coordinates of his cell phone. That information was relayed to U.S. Coast Guard personnel who, along with a nearby boater, were able to locate the capsized boat and rescue the stranded son.

Christina Ebert has been a Police Dispatcher for over 20 years. Follow­ing the incident Christina had a humble response, “I enjoy working behind the scenes. I am glad that I was able to get this gentleman the help that he needed.”

Any questions regarding the specifics of the rescue, identity, and the stranded boater’s condition should be directed to the United States Coast Guard. A copy of the initial 911 call is available.

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Anonymous tips can be made through the department website at: or via the Anonymous Tip Line at 760-743-TIPS (8477).

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