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Escondido passes first parking ordinance in its history

The City of Escondido has just passed a first of its kind residential parking district ordnance this past Wednesday, September 28, by the city council.

The reason for this ordnance is the over-congestion and lack of parking in Eastern Escondido from Rose down Grand Avenue to Foxdale Place. Action was taken after the Escondido Police Department’s Neighborhood Transformation Project heard concerns from residents in the area that tenants from neighboring apartments were using their streets to park at night. This forced residents to leave their trashcans out in the street or to park their vehicles on their lawns which both violate the municipal code in the City of Escondido. Other violations include parking in fire zones, in front of fire hydrants and blocking sidewalks with multiple cars in the their driveway.

This ordnance will take two months to get on the books and there will be a 6 month grace period to inform the public before fines are generated by the city. Homeowners living on the streets are allowed two vehicle permits; one for their vehicle, the other for a guest/ visitor. The aforementioned streets are part of a one year pilot program to see if this clears up the parking problems in Eastern Escondido.

I contacted Mayor Sam Abed for comment regarding this new ordnance; he told me “We had to do it, it was our (the city’s) last resort,” and added that he “doesn’t like regulations.” He also spoke of “apartment tenants converting their garages illegally to house tenants.”

Keep reading the Escondido TA for more on this developing story.

3 responses to “Escondido passes first parking ordinance in its history”

  1. Kevin Jockisch says:

    What ever became of this? 2018. Still lots of cars some homes having 6 to 7 cars

  2. Jonathan Carroll says:

    Home owners are still subject to parking on lawns and putting trash cans out, we have random people parking in our spots and are subject to location of other parking which is an inconvenience and safety concern especially with women and children having to walk down dark streets to get home when they could park in front of their house.
    The parking situation is ridiculous on Erica street, people who have ten to twenty people living in their house park on out street and in front of our homes.

    Please fix this… thank you

  3. Dave says:

    What are parking restrictions on Memory Lane ?
    Neighbors saying 72 hours but car is not abandoned. It’s used.

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