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Escondido loses its YMCA

The YMCA of San Diego County has announced it is selling its seven-acre Escondido campus at 1050 N. Broadway. This facility is known as the Palomar Family YMCA.  There has been a YMCA operating in Escondido for 50 years. 

That campus includes 85,000 square ft. of building including a preschool, gym, basketball court, fitness center, exercise rooms, lockers, offices and an outdoor swimming pool. 

YMCA officials attributed the need to sell the property to the COVID-19 pandemic, which destroyed the Y’s programs last year. Although it tried to expand outdoor programs, it wasn’t able to use its indoor facilities and membership plunged. 

It is possible that the Y can find a nonprofit to buy the land and possibly even lease it back to the Y.  The City of Escondido has first refusal on the land, so it could possibly end up buying it.

10 responses to “Escondido loses its YMCA”

  1. dave jackson says:

    Good ridance…I signed my daughter up for gymnastics class a couple years ago,and they were so disorganized that no one could figure out what class she was in or what,and ended up telling me she was not enrolled,even after taking my money.I got a refund,but it was just stupid and stupid people.Go away!

    • Rick Yells says:

      Yes, lets destroy all opportunity for the many because you had a negative experience. That is what is wrong with this country.

    • Dan says:

      Come on Davey boy get it together sounds like you were just as lost
      cuz I know if I signed up my kid for a class at the ymca I would be more involved and definitely knowledgeable of what class I signed her up in

      No Excuses Dave
      Just Results!!!

  2. Heather Clark says:

    The property is already in escrow. Someone brought it.

  3. Jessica says:

    I can’t help but think about a ton of my childhood being spent there….seeing all the changes the facilities went through and then working as a staff member with the youth programs in my college years. If the Y does im fact lose this branch….it will be a tremendous blow to the area. What place could be next….the Boys and Girls club?—— thought I should share this. Found this comment on fb

  4. Irma says:

    I love the Y my whole family would go to the Y from my old is playing soccer to me doing some exercise classes which I met a lot of nice people there specially the instructors they would donate some other money to continue hoping the Y it was fun for the family I even liked it even more when they would help people in the community specially love people that couldn’t afford to pay for a Child care while taking a little time for yourself two hours free so you can do yoga exercise or even just going to the gym I really hope they bring it back the community really needs is

  5. We used the Y when I was a kid. However, it wasn’t here in San Diego County, it was in LA County. I honestly don’t think people were getting their money’s worth with an outdoor pool. Ours was indoors and offered year around swimming as well as in any weather. With having so many elderly and young kids, it’s important to have one available at all times.

  6. George Lord says:

    What a shame this is, the one place that actually helps people and offers opportunity is being sold to the rich at the detriment of the poor as always. A crying shame.

  7. Rob says:

    No more ice skating or even regular skating rink,the boys and girls club, even chuck e cheese have fallen victim to greed,or what appears like the value of the property they are on is worth more than the help, or social development of the youth, this facility offered.

  8. Roger says:

    The YMCA metro San Diego county easily could have saved palomar Y.
    Did they keep publishing to raise $ ? No. Seek partners ?no. They want the money to cover expansion decision debt that was not at all necessary. 50 years down the drain.

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