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Escondido library asks public to take survey

The Escondido Public Library is asking the public to take a 31 question survey on a variety of subjects having to do with future planning. 

According to an email sent by the library this week: “We are planning the future of your public library and we need to hear from you.”

It continues, “Whether you are a frequent user of library services or haven’t visited in a while, the Escondido Public Library is your library! We are determined to provide the best possible library services, collections, technology, and programs to meet your interests and needs, but the only way we can do that is with your input. Please take the survey linked below and thank you for your participation.”

Take the survey:

Among the 31 questions in the survey, patrons are asked if they have ever visited the library and used its services. They are asked what reasons they might give for using the library less and asks the public to rate how important certain services are, such as public meeting spaces, access to computers, and the ability to borrow books, DVDs and other materials.

The survey asks for reasons why there should be a public library. It asks patrons how satisfied they are with the library and with research help they have received. It asks areas where the library could improve, how patrons learn about library programs, whether they support one or multiple library locations, and whether their usage would improve if there was more options.

It also plumbs interest in expanded services such as free access to software, vending machines, bookmobiles and asks questions on demographics.  

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