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Escondido is doing an incredible job

Congratulations Escondido! I like to give you all a hand shake or fist pump or high five but alas no can do now. So, elbow bump it is to each of you for doing an incredible job of containing the spread of the COVID-19. And kudos to City Manager Jeff Epp for his quick decisive response in doing what is necessary and at the same time continuing the services that keep this city running. Let’s hear it for our public safety folks, public works crews and all the necessary administration services!

Think about this. Escondido has 4.5% of the County population but has only 2% of the reported cases of this viral pandemic. Obviously we are all doing our part including the food stores who are open for our needs. Markets have markers on the floor six feet apart to remind us to keep our social distance. Now there’s a term that we will remember forever. Lately, sneeze guards have been installed in most markets and most of all there is no shortage of grocery items to purchase. Now, if someone could come up with germ free greenbacks that would be great. I haven’t done it before but now I sanitize my hands after handling paper money.

Yes, including toilet paper which was in ample supply yesterday at Smart & Final. Wait, don’t leave yet. By the way, since toilet paper is in such high demand you only need to go to to determine how much of this valued item you actually might need. Crazy huh that there is actually a website for this. Or you can assess how long your current stash will last. I’ve seen emails predicting toilet paper yard sales this summer to help make room in your garage or room for whatever you normally store there Reminiscent of Black Tuesday, Oct 29, 1929 when people started a run on the banks for their money before it was gone. Now we make a run on supermarkets before the food runs out. No need to hoard.

The biggest lesson I think we shall learn from these times is that we have to adjust and adapt in order to continue our lives even though it may be different than before. After all, aging forces us to do exactly that. When we are 40 we can’t do what we did when we were 20, or when 60 trying to do what we did at 30 and so on. One thing I have noticed is that I believe we have become more social even though we stay six feet apart. Accepting the change is what is happening and it is good.

Before I forget, remember when the reusable bags replaced the one use plastic bags and some people said that the new bags will be germ collectors? Guess what. My last trip to Vons the store policy is that I had to bag my own groceries if I wanted to use my own bag or she would bag it in a store bag that I can purchase. The checker was wearing gloves but still no touching my reusable bag. I didn’t mind since my first tax paying job was bagging groceries. Still got it, haven’t lost a step.

Now for a couple basketball items. Have you seen the new pricing on SDSU game tickets for next year? As Phil Rizzuto used to say, holy cow. It was, I believe, about 15 years ago when four of us went to an Aztec game, arrived a half hour before tipoff and purchased our $10 tickets. Those seats next year will go for $510 each. This is what winning basketball can do. But don’t fret, these prices are about half for a game at Pauley Pavilion where UCLA plays. Sheesh.

From Hall of Famer Charles Barkley comes this gem: “These are my new shoes. They’re good shoes. They won’t make you rich like me, they won’t make you rebound like me, they definitely won’t make you handsome like me. They’ll only make you have shoes like me. That’s it.” So Sir Charles.\

Here are two good ones. YA MYTRN and USCFEVR probably has a ‘Fight On’ tattoo.

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2 responses to “Escondido is doing an incredible job”

  1. Harry Martin says:

    I don’t know what Mr. Gallo shops, but last week there were no eggs anywhere. I haven’t been able to find bleach in weeks and weeks. Disinfectant spray is the holy grail. Dare ya to find some disinfectant wipes, too. I go to Aldi two weeks ago and there were two cans of Grands-style biscuits — one exploded and the other had the sticky dough shrapnel. I grabbed that one *because there were no more* Two days ago, I ordered through Instacart. I have to wait *five days* for groceries to be told multiple times that items I want are out of stock. There was not even sandwich bread available!! No, things are not the same, and no the City has not led but followed every step of the way, waiting for the County to tell it what to do. Fail in leadership. No, groceries are not readily available. This is how it really is out there, Bill.

    • Patricia Barden says:

      No other city in the county is doing anything but following the county orders and guidelines. There’s no need for every city to invent the wheel when the public health experts are at the state and county level. As for Harry Martin’s grousing about groceries, I don’t see how you can fault the city for a lack of items on the grocery shelf. It did take quite a few days for the delivery chain to catch up with demand, but if you go out now, you’ll find most, if not all, of what you are looking for or need. These are challenging times for all of us, and for some more than others, and it’s not a good look to complain about the lack of biscuits when some others have much less than they ever had, and so many are working in risky conditions for our health, safety, welfare, groceries, deliveries, public transportation, and mail. I appreciate that former councilman Gallo is giving us a more positive outlook on all of this.

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