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Escondido High School plans a 50 plus reunion picnic on May 18 at Grape Day Park

Over 800 alumni and friends of Escondido High School will gather on May 18 in Escondido’s Grape Day Park to celebrate their school’s 74th reunion – the longest running event of its kind in the state. 

Since 1946, when 10 ladies met for lunch and decided to make that a regular event, the EHS Golden Reunion has grown into a large and much anticipated celebration of “Cougar Pride.”

 Last year, the range of graduating classes represented was 1941 to 1968. This year it’s up to 1969. The feel of the event is like one huge family reunion.

Under two massive tents, hundreds of classmates get reacquainted and talk about their years in high school, their teachers, sports, getting in trouble, who they dated or wanted to date, and embarrassing stories. The school motto of “Loyal, Strong, and True” really does seem to describe these classmates who graduated over 50 years ago.  It’s not always easy to recognize faces after 50 plus years, but name tags help!  

At the entrance to the event are rows of “memory boards” with photos and memorabilia from graduating classes as early as 1929. It’s quite interesting to see the changes in people, styles, and school life over the last 90 years. The unique thing about this reunion is how it has persisted for 74 years without fail and is completely organized by a changing group of alumni each year.

The biggest challenge the organizers face is tracking down the thousands of “lost” graduates so they can receive invitations to the event. They ask that if you have a parent or grandparent who graduated from EHS more than 50 years ago, please help them make contact with the group through the Facebook page or email

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  1. John Helmantoler says:

    Hello….I am a former Palomar College teammate of Mike Williams, Escondido class of 1960. I would like for him to contact me as I’m trying to get former teammates together for a reunion. If you can get the message to Mike, I’d really appreciate it. He can FB me …name John Helmantoler….or email me at

    Thank you. Jay Helmantoler


    Hopefully Mike Williams will contact me….


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