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Escondido Friends can connect you to community

—Guest Opinions

Hi, just stopping in to chat about a great place we in our community can connect live and talk real time with people in your community on an internet community fo­rum. It has been available to the public for 5 years now and is up to 22,000 local residents.

It is called Escondido Friends. Just pop onto Facebook, look for the group “Es­condido Friends,” and you will be able to meet your neighbors.

When you use this group, you make new friends, get to know your area, learn about history, find common interests with people you would have never met. Find the best dentist, or the best shoe repair, find encouragement from others, get a different perspective, see some stun­ning sunsets, save photos and use them for blackmail later. Laugh and enjoy the simple things like how many spiders we really have in Escondido.

You can make a coffee date with some­one new. Find your Iguana or two. Find your pup, cat, grandma, kids (yes we lose everyone in this town). You can find the best Mexican bakery. And the best tacos. (or menudo!) I never even knew what that was until this page.

So thank you to our Mexican culture for good food. You can find out about any house or building on this page. Just post a photo and someone here knows the his­tory of it. You can request a get together and people will come, just to meet others in our community.

We have people of all ages and ranges of cultures. New to Escondido and old. The power of a community is pretty won­derful, as you will get to know. It is where you really feel like you become part of your community. If you have not joined yet, just head on to Facebook. Look for me, Patti Thompson. Send me a message or call me for help. 760-580-4973. I will help you get connected to your commu­nity. This is for Businesses too! We have a merchant Monday everyone in the local area may post on the one day for free! So join! You mean everything to this com­munity.

Patti Thompson is the founder of Escondido Friends, which has about 22,000 members.

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5 responses to “Escondido Friends can connect you to community”

  1. Carol Dutro says:

    For the people of Escondido who rent apartments and especially the 55 and older group stay away from the Trilar Group apartments. I’ve recently resigned my lease and asking why such a big rent increase I was told it was due to the new rule that tenants will now pay a portion of the water, trash and sewer.. After agreeing and signing and paying 2 months of my new lease agreement I now get a bill for my rent PLUS the added water, trash and sewer which I had been lead to believe was why my rent went up so much in the first place. And not only it was not marked in my contract where I was to do that. I can’t imagine myself or any other person signing an open end agreement where you think you pay one thing but then management is allowed to tack on any other amount after that and you are to pay it as well. So this month they might tack on another $14. dollars and next month it might be $114. dollars which the tenant is responsible to pay. So please, please people out there get what you need to get in writing so nothing gets changed on what was said and stay away from Summerfield Villa Apartments in Escondido.

  2. Jackson Weaver says:

    FYI – Patti Thompson takes out her personal issues and frustrations in her group by abusing the ban button for frivolous things. If you say you had a bad experience at a business she likes – banned. If you message her asking why that person she just banned was banned – banned. If you are another realtor – banned. If you post community volunteer opportunities – banned. She even banned the 14 year old Miss Teen Escondido who was asking for donations of backpacks to hand out to local students – who does that?!? She’ll also ban anyone who questions her temper tantrums and then create a “woe is me. everyone is so mean to me” post that is an obvious attempt to fish for compliments.She’s a sad, toxic person. Avoid her drama at all costs.

  3. Kenneth brothers says:

    My name is kenneth brothers i was born escondido i delivered times advocate on my bike lately esco city has not let me be happy escondian they taken a house that was willed to me three cars the third tonight while i was in drug treatment class they came to the library and took my car several attempts to keep me out the court where they i will win and they will be proven theifs the law you should because i did drugs does that mean im not worthy to be a homeowner and what lenght will they take break the law bend the law i have been bullied and harassed for two yrs because some one gave me his home before he died freinds of escondido im drug free and trying best now i am homeless with not even a car for my wife of 20 yrs that is sick and has a aneryzm 5cm large with2 little dogs who says thats enough

  4. M says:

    For my Friend Marie Sutton i respicte her as a true Jeovah s Witness they are fine wonderful People there your Friends. I miss my sweet dear Father i miss Him the most of all . i have no Uncles no Grandparents there all gobe. You may say all my Family members of my 👪 has all passed away even the 1 who hate me the most of all who dont rely care for me becouse im disable. Those true relatives who abuse me for what they rely are . & those who csnt help thrmsrlfs . so they take it out on there older relative instead. Tgey even get mad at them. I love my Relatives but like i said they hate me. Im sorry that they do. Soon i will pass on. They wont even care that im gone.

  5. M says:

    For the People who has the Virues like Babys Elderly even People who have praying for you becouse a true Jeovah s Witness care the most of all i love People all ages. Im sorry very sorry for the People i trurly hurt around the workd. I guess im a no good person. Im just angrey with my self so i take it out on others. I dont meen too. Im sorry again i ❤ care .

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