Escondido, CA

Escondido firefighters get “Code X” training

Almost 500 firefighters from all over North County participating in Code X training.

When someone is in need of rescue while underwater, for example when a car is overturned in a shallow body of water, this is known as a “Code X” incident. In high risk, low frequency events such as this, it is imperative that first responders are well equipped and trained to work efficiently together across agencies. 

Last week, about 480 fire and rescue personnel from all of the fire agencies throughout North San Diego County, including the Escondido Fire Department, participated in training sessions and hands-on drills at Lake Hodges. Instructors from Escondido Fire, San Marcos Fire, Oceanside Lifeguards and CAL-FIRE led the sessions that included victim search techniques, rescue throw bag techniques and an incident tactic. 

The training culminated with a drill where training manikins that were placed in a partially submerged car and the surrounding area had to be rescued by the teams. This collaborative training benefitted the fire and rescue agencies and the communities they serve. 

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