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Escondido Farmers push for “Nature’s Candy” handouts at Halloween.

Nature’s Candy story for Escondido Times Advocate

ature’s Candy samples and some of the Kids Art Smart kid’s crafts will be all on display and available at the Sunday Sikes Adobe Farmers Market.

For the past several years the farmers at the Sunday Farmers Market at the historic Sikes Adobe Farmstead located across from the Mall off E. Via Rancho Parkway in south Escondido have actively promoted substituting “Nature’ Candy” instead of the toxic and teeth corroding sugar-loaded commercial “candies” as Halloween and Holiday handouts.

The farmers even dress in Halloween costumes to pass out samples and promote their healthy fare.

“Nature’s Candy”  is dehydrated fruits such a persimmons, mangos, blood oranges, apples and apricots; honey sticks; healthy snack bars made from ancient grains; fruits which come in their own “natural wrapper” such as un-cracked nuts of all kinds, pomegranates, navel oranges, apples, passion fruit, grapes and dates, all filled with vitamins and healthy fiber.

This year’s event promoting healthy-snacks-for-Halloween, and for the balance of the holidays, will take place there Sunday October 27, 10:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

For the event the Market has teamed with the Sustainable Santa Foundation’s Real Santas United for Healthy Kids who will also be at the market demonstrating how kids can “Make their own holiday gifts” from natural and local sources.

The Foundation’s Kids Art Smart – Make your own Holiday Gifts program is intended to help kids be creative and focus on locally sourced resource creating a greener lifestyle and decreasing carbon footprints while bringing more “art and creativity to gifts which friends and family who receive them will treasure” says Sustainable Santa who heads the statewide effort.

It’s a joint effort by the farmers and the Santas to try to change the dietary habits of our children, weaning them off the SAD (Standard American Diet) of Fast, Junk and Processed “foods,” showing them the joy of “Eating Real Food” and providing them with insights into how to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

Every parent is familiar with the “sugar-high” the traditional commercial treats create, says Sustainable Santa, head of the Real Santas United for Healthy Kids. “We applaud the Farmers Markets for taking the steps to make it possible for parents to skip tricking kids into ill-health this Halloween, instead treating them to these healthy snack alternatives the farmers make available.”

“With two of three kids now overweight or obese and forty percent of the others who “look healthy” also suffering from diet driven metabolic diseases and ailments created by the sugar and other additives loaded into contemporary ‘snacks’ we farmer vendors can’t just stand by and not do something,” says Mary Poirier, of Ben and Mary’s Subtropicals who sell “Nature’s Candy” at the Escondido and other markets.

“We hope this year many in the community will permanently switch to ‘Nature’s Candy’ for all their holiday needs.  What better Halloween or Christmas gift to give than the gift of good health,” says Claire Winnick, manager of the Escondido market. 

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