Escondido, CA

Escondido Democrats discuss get out the vote strategies

Mary Anne and Pat Drinan spoke recently at the Escondido Democratic Club.

Mary Anne and Pat Drinan spoke recently at the Escondido Democratic Club.

Palomar Political Science Professor Emeritus Mary Anne Drinan and Re­tired University of San Diego Political Science Professor Pat Drinan presented their analysis of the California June Pri­mary at the July meeting of the Escon­dido Democratic Club.

Only fifty-five percent of eligible vot­ers in Escondido are registered. Con­sistent voters tend to be older, white, college-educated and more affluent. Younger people, Latinos, renters, and non-college educated people are more likely not to vote.

As the November 8, general election will have at least 18 propositions, it may be even more difficult to get young people to vote with such a long ballot. People often do not understand that it is not necessary to vote on everything to have a valid ballot. However, the fact that one of the propositions is to legal­ize marijuana, more young people may be tempted to vote.

The Drinans have mainly worked on non-partisan local races. Those down- ballot are ripe for the plucking, they said. Races for city council, school boards, college boards, hospital boards, water boards, and fire-district boards are non-partisan, and Democrats have a good chance of getting elected.

They offered ten “tricks of the trade” to win these elections, including re­cruiting possible candidates two to three years early as the Republicans do, wooing Republican voters, walking precincts targeting all likely voters, and staying optimistic.

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