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Escondido couple approaching two major milestones

Ed and Frances Ehrhart will celebrate both their 20th anniversary at Cypress Court and their 60th wedding anniversary in November

Studies suggest that the physical, mental and social benefits that living in a senior community brings can result in a higher quality of life for its residents. Ed &Frances Ehrhart – two members of local Kisco Senior Living Community Cypress Court – have seen this firsthand.

On November 4, the Ehrharts will celebrate their 20th anniversary at Cypress Court, making them the community’s longest tenured residents to date. Staff members and fellow residents will celebrate with the couple as well as recognize them for all they do within the Cypress Court community.

“We are so honored to have Ed and Frances here for twenty years and are so excited to recognize and celebrate them for the positive impact they have had on our community,” Cypress Court Executive Director Donna Daniel-Herr said. “Whether they are going out of their way to welcome new residents or serving as the entertainment during a community gathering, The Ehrharts are prime examples of the type of residents that take advantage of all the opportunities we hope life at Cypress Court brings – a chance to meet wonderful people, participate in exciting activities, and live every day to the fullest.”

Ed, a retired Video Engineer for KABC-TV Channel 7 in Hollywood, and Frances, a homemaker, have always led an active and exciting life. From cross-country travels and global expeditions to raising two children, the couple has continuously sought out chances to embark on new adventures and gain new cultural experiences. When they decided to transition into a senior living community, they knew they had to find one that provided the same sense of freedom and opportunity that would allow them to continue to live the lifestyle they loved.

“When we became the oldest members of our family, we started to look for a senior community that would allow us to keep living our lives at the same pace and with the same passion we always have,” Ed Ehrhart said. “Cypress Court was the standard by which we measured all other places we looked at. It was simply the best around.”

The Ehrhart’s time at Cypress Court has continued to bring them exciting experiences, including the opportunity for Frances to sing the national anthem at a San Diego Padres baseball game in 1999. The occasion, which was organized by the community’s activity director, remains one of the couple’s fondest memories.

But 20 years at Cypress Court is not the only anniversary they have coming up. On November 30th, the couple will also celebrate 60 years of marriage.

“Sixty years doesn’t feel like such a long time when you spend them with the right person,” Frances said. “A successful marriage is about taking your vows seriously and loving someone for exactly who they are, faults and all. We share a beautiful life together, and for that we are very grateful.”

Although they’ve continued to live their lives at a fast pace, this year the couple has opted to slow down and enjoy a more relaxed celebration that will include a small dinner at Cypress Court with their children and a few friends.

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