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Escondido Chamber says it didn’t endorse Measure B



of the core competencies of a good chamber is the ability to review and
discuss the issues that impact our region. And, there is nothing like
election season to bring these issues to the forefront.

of these issues…housing! Do we have a deficit? Where will the next
generation live? How will leading industries retain quality employees if
affordable housing is an issue? What is the best plan? Urban infill or
suburban development? Is it possible to please everyone? Well, NO!

for the second time in two years, housing is on the ballot. In 2014
Escondido residents defeated Prop H, which, if passed, would have
allowed the developer to proceed with the Country Club project. This
year, it is Measure B, Lilac Hills Ranch (LHR). But, since this is in
the county, all of San Diego will have a say on a North County proposed
project. Due to the lengthy process and potential litigation, projects
like LHR are showing up on the ballot. LHR entered the planning process
over 10 years ago and they have yet to break ground on an approved

Because of the economic impact this project
could have on Escondido, the Economic Development Committee recommended
that the board review Measure B. The board did not discuss the nuances
of LHR as the project itself would still require the approval of the
Board of Supervisors even if it is approved by the voters. However, it
is recognized that new development provides much needed housing, creates
jobs, increases the tax base for the city and increases revenue through
commerce. It also provides revenue for much needed infrastructure
repair and improvements. 

Mr. Goodson with Accretive
Investments, was made aware of the fact that the chamber was reviewing
Measure B. However, the board did not take any action on this measure.
If an endorsement of Measure B was approved by the board, Mr. Goodson
would have received an official letter of endorsement from the board and
a letter would have been sent to the Escondido Chamber Members as well.
The listing of the Escondido Chamber as endorsing Measure B, which went
out on a recent mailing, is an error. 

We appreciate your
understanding and invite you to participate with our committees as we
continue to support a vibrant economy and community. 

Rorie Johnston 

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