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Escondido author honored with “Living Now Book Award”

Escondido author Sheri McGregor

The Living Now Book Awards annually honors books that change lives. This year’s bronze medal in the self-help/personal growth category has been awarded to “Done With The Crying: Help and Healing for Mothers of Estranged Adult Children,” by Escondido resident Sheri McGregor, M.A.

The award was announced in September, just before the most difficult season of the year for many parents—the holidays.

“Most people are surprised how many estranged mothers there are,” said McGregor. “It’s the silent epidemic of our times.” She believes this award demonstrates increased awareness of the topic. “Done With The Crying,” written in a compassionate style and with input from more than 9,000 parents who’ve suffered estrangement, illustrates how common the experience of caring parents rejected by adult children has become. 

“Even if it doesn’t affect you personally,” said McGregor, “there is likely someone in your circle of friends who knows the pain all too well.”

As a mother of five adult children herself, one of whom is estranged, McGregor knows the emotional trauma of estrangement. With her book, blog, and newsletter, McGregor inspires thousands to move beyond the sorrow, reclaim their lives and happiness. The book helps fathers, too. McGregor directed it to mothers though, since they made up 93% of those who answered her survey during her writing. To date, more than 30,000 parents have replied, and even more fathers are sharing their pain.

McGregor’s website, RejectedParents.NET, hosts a peer support forum, and she updates the site regularly with timely articles to help. She also hosts a Facebook page:

In 2017, “Done With The Crying” was a finalist in the Foreword Reviews book of the year contest. Locals may know the San Diego native from her three hiking guides for the area. She has appeared on KUSI and FOX in San Diego, as well as local radio stations and in libraries and book stores.

“Done With The Crying: Help and Healing for Mothers of Estranged Adult Children” (Sowing Creek Press, print: 2016, e-book: 2017; audio, Tantor Media: 2018) is available at Amazon and other retailers.

2 responses to “Escondido author honored with “Living Now Book Award””

  1. Gerri says:

    Do you ever get “done with the crying”? It has been seven years and I still cry on her birthday and around the holidays.

  2. Hedy says:

    I have finally stopped crying. With some therapy and many good relationships I have been able to stop blaming myself. I don’t blame them but do realize that my daughters have the issue. They are not willing to express what is bothering them. At first it was my marriage to my second husband. When we divorced after several years I stupidly thought they would welcome me back into their lives. Wrong. I have been on an emotional roller coaster for over three years now and I am getting off. Their choice, their decision. I have done all the work in trying to be part of their lives and I am not doing it any longer. Is it hard to do this, you betcha, the hardest thing I e ever done, but I need to live my life. That’s it. I was a good mother, them everything, maybe too much of everything, but what is done is done. I will always welcome them back into my life but I refuse to curl up and die because they are angry about something, be it big or small. They won’t talk, I’m not a mind reader. I need to make a life for myself, with or without them.

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