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Esc. Chamber gives a big welcome to Super Dentists

The Escondido Chamber of Commerce celebrates the ribbon-cutting of the new Super Dentists office. Photo by David Zumaya of My San Diego North County

The Escondido Chamber of Commerce gave a big welcome to the Super Dentists, who had to wait more than a year to open due to the pandemic.

Chamber CEO J.R. Rowten thanked representatives of the city for attending the ribbon cutting, including Teresa Collins, deputy director of communications, city councilmember Joe Garcia and Al Owens of the Escondido Police Athletic League (PAL.) Other VIPs included Don Romo, chairman of the Chamber’s board of directors and the Escondido Princess Court.

Rowten said he was proud to have the Super Dentists in the city. “You know these guys chose Escondido and they opened up right before the pandemic started. They persevered and they have not only done that but they brought a lot of smiles and joy to people here in Escondido because they’re all about fun and the experience.”

Rowten said, “I think when you go inside, you’ll get that fun feeling.”

Councilmember Joe Garcia, Dr. Kami Hoss, founder of the Super Dentists and Escondido Chamber of Commerce CEO J.R. Rowten help celebrate the new office location in Escondido at 390 West Valley Parkway.

Dr. Kami Hoss, founder of the Super Dentists, told those gathered, “Thank you so much for those kind words. We’re so excited to be here in the city of Escondido. We’ve been really looking to open an office for years and we just wanted to find the perfect place. When the opportunity came up—I think within 24 hours we made the deal happen.”

Dr. Hoss said the reason they wanted to be in Escondido is, “this is a city that everything happens here. People who live here, they go to restaurants here; they go to the dentist here. It’s a really an all-inclusive city. It’s a very family oriented city, which of course  is what our practice is. We couldn’t be more excited to be here.”

He said that their dental office has two levels, and noted that it is the first dental office in the world to have slide between the two levels. He said that when they first opened, they had to close their office because of COVID. “So we haven’t really had our opportunity to get the word out.” He said their goal is to invite the community to fully see the office, once COVID “is fully behind us.” He said they plan invite the community back “and show you all the bells and whistles and all the things that we’ve done to make it exciting for the kids to come and enjoy their general experiences.”

Councilmember Garcia gave Dr. Hoss a plaque welcoming the business. He quipped, “As I was driving I kept seeing the Super Dentists and I kept wondering when are we going to get one in Escondido?” Garcia added, “I know you’re going to be an incredible blessing to this city and to this community and once we get a COVID behind this completely now I’m looking for a dentist. Hopefully I’m in the right age group or maybe you could make an exception.”

Dr. Kami Hoss of the Super Dentists, Carol Rogers and David Zumaya of the Escondido Chamber of Commerce celebrating the ribbon-cutting for the new office.b

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