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Enjoying the decorated homes

First, I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and hope you were able to enjoy the day with family and/or friends in spite of the recent uptick in positive Coronavirus tests and variants and celebrate why December 25 is a special day. Of course, over the decades the day has taken on a more commercial meaning of gift giving. I mean geez Louise when retailers start hawking their products in September?
Anyway, speaking of gifts, Escondido received what I believe to be a nice gift from the San Diego County Independent Redistricting Commission by moving Escondido from District 3 back into District 5 where we had been for decades before the 2000 census had us taken out of North County representation. Thank yous go out to all the residents who spoke out at various meetings about how Escondido belongs in District 5. Now we are combined with the other Hwy 78 corridor cities as it should be. However, we must wait until next year to see if we remain with other North County cities in the State Assembly re-redistricting maps.
One thing I enjoy during this time of year as I drive around town is seeing all the decorated homes and buildings. Lots of inflatable snowmen, Santas, nutcrackers and I even saw a gingerbread man and of course the lights. Oh, so many lights twinkling or not are all impressive. It was, I believe, two years ago when Escondido was highlighted with two homes on a TV show of a nationwide competition for decorations. I just thoroughly enjoy the creativity of people who combine the latest technology with the standard string of lights.
This next topic belongs in the “Are you kidding me?” category. Recently, a city of Newport Beach council member was ratted out for drinking wine on the dais during a council meeting. The man said he enjoyed having a glass of wine with dinner. Possibly did a George Costanza and said, “was that wrong?” Huh? But that’s not the best part. The rest of the council members are ‘considering’ a proposal to amend council policy and the municipal code to prohibit drinking alcoholic beverages during council meetings. I will let you know if they do in fact pass such an ordinance.
Now I can see some lawyers representing past clients with proposals before the council who received a negative response questioning the sobriety of the members who voted NO. Could be interesting. Hey, people sue for various issues why not this. Folks you can’t make this stuff up.
Have you been following the SANDAG circus on the gazillion dollar transit plan? A recent map showed a future “high speed” rail line paralleling I-15 from Riverside County to downtown San Diego with the caveat being the rail line is in the 2050 transit network plan. At the rate the so-called high speed rail is proceeding the cost might match the national debt and given how slow the Central Valley portion is progressing it will probably be beyond 2050 if at all.
It was probably over a year ago when I wrote about the original plan for train travel in San Diego County. In 1887 the line from the coastal line in Oceanside to Escondido was completed with the next phase to continue from Escondido to Tierresanta then to the Santa Fe station in downtown San Diego thus completing a loop of rail transit throughout the county. Every time I travel south on I-15 I think about what could have been and we wouldn’t need 12 lanes of concrete. Ahh, if only.
In this season of giving I offer this quote. “Joy can be real only if people look upon their life as a service, and have a definite object in life outside themselves and their personal happiness.”— Leo Tolstoy
If you have college kids home for the week do not despair if they don’t spend much time with you as they have so many of their high school classmates to visit with and catch up on each other’s lives.
Ah, so many vanity plates check these out. KAYO G, someone’s name? FAN 4 68, guess who wears #68. DSOLGTE, no clue. TBL 10, server (used to be waiter/waitress). RBL JD, lawyer.


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